styrene,  silicon rubber,  text on 50 g/m² paper,  2’13’’ videoloop 
London, 2017

Eventuality, calculation and pre-emptive analyses –change of heart through prediction. The consequences of the future happen in the present. Every description of a possibility, of a state, has direct consequences on a not very tangible present. Finished Futures (Or How To Make An Object Blurry) deals with the blurryness of these consequences.

Sixteen rebuilt and enlarged eyedrop containers are lying in the room. A temporal disturbance occurs when dropping in eyedrops, which are meant to clearify the view. The moment of sensibility when the eye blinks is caught from found footage and played in a loop.

A voice-over is speaking the text ‘FINISHED FUTURES (Or How To Make An Object Blurry)’ which is an enumeration of the factors that have to be filled to blurry an object with the inherent question, if an object can be blurry by itself.