synthetic fur, styrofoam, 60x 120cm 
silicone, plaster, bolt screw, styrofoam, various sizes
Exhibition view, Kaeshmaesh, Vienna, 2019

The installation `3000 years´  trys to grasp the melancholic feeling of seeing a part of oneself becoming something different than expected. It deals with the bench as romantic symbol that is being decomposed: Materials and signs are becoming agents.

The blue silicone impressions of engraved signs in benches-with-a-view become themselves miniature landscapes when brought onto eye-level and looked at very closely. 

A change of perspective also happens with a bench remnant standing on the floor and looking at the wall in front of it, where a piece of its own material camouflaged itself into the exhibition space.

`and now, 3000 years later, I don´t know what to feel´ is a quote written by the ultra romantic manifesto author ´Leonhard Heronymi`. In his manifesto from 2017, he is merging male centered  references of science fiction with romantic elements in order to free literaure `out of the catches of its own lethargy` (german „aus den Fängen ihrer eigenen Lethargie“) .